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Leah Finkelstein

Leah Finkelstein is the daughter of noted late jazz vocalist, 

Claudia Finkelstein of the band, Joy Spring. 

Leah spent most of her life as a musician in New England (specifically Maine and Boston) before throwing everything she owned into a truck and traveling to Los Angeles with her husband and her deaf cat, Beethoven.

Prior to hopping over to the left coast, she produced her first album with the aforementioned husband, Kevin Dietz, entitled "Dear Claudia," in honor of her mother. She received interest in her songs by some LA-based TV shows for placement, which is what prompted their move out west. 

That, and sunshine. 

Since then, Leah recorded a second album, Feigning Composure, produced and engineered by Jill Tengan, the Senior Recording Engineer at RUSK Studios in Hollywood. One track earned the award of Best Singer/Songwriter at the Malibu Music Awards in 2011.

It was at that awards ceremony where she met a fellow award winner, Heather Stewart, who won for Best Americana for her song "If I Can't Take You With Me," which was subsequently featured on an episode of NCIS. Heather and Leah bonded instantly, perhaps over wine, and decided that a musical collaboration was in order, and it was fitting that their first gig was at the Malibu Family Winery.

After forming a comedy/music group called "The Boobé Sisters" (incidentally seen on The Gong Show and America's Got Talent), Leah and Heather continued to write and perform together, which included a weekly live show on Caffeine.tv called "Live From The Music Garage." This weekly show featured originals but had weekly themes which resulted in Heather and Leah amassing over 400 cover songs that they arranged for their duo.

In 2019, Jill Tengan recommended the Heather and Leah duo to score an independent film (due out this year), which then lead to the scoring of a short film, and then subsequently two shows that premiered on Caffeine.tv, for which they also wrote the main titles. They are on deck to write the theme and score Caffeine Studio's next show, coming out soon!


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